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René Thiemann rene.thiemann at uibk.ac.at
Sat Dec 3 13:52:47 CET 2011

Dear all,

this is the list which Simon and I produced, by taken the most recent versions of all participants of year 2009 and later. 

 Derivational Complexity - Full Rewriting      	 CaT-2011                      	2011
 Derivational Complexity - Full Rewriting      	 matchbox-poly-1.0.3           	2011
 Derivational Complexity - Full Rewriting      	 TCT2-1.8.02                   	2011
 Derivational Complexity - Innermost Rewriting 	 CaT-2010                      	2010
 Derivational Complexity - Innermost Rewriting 	 TCT2-1.8.02                   	2011
 FP Category                                   	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 Higher-Order Rewriting - Union Beta           	 THOR-2011                     	2011
 Higher-Order Rewriting - Union Beta           	 Wanda-1.4                     	2011
 Java Bytecode                                 	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 Java Bytecode                                 	 COSTA-14/7/2010-1             	2010
 Java Bytecode                                 	 Julia-11a-2011-05-25b         	2011
 Java Bytecode Recursive                       	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 Java Bytecode Recursive                       	 COSTA-14/7/2010-1             	2010
 Java Bytecode Recursive                       	 Julia-11a-2011-05-25b         	2011
 LP Category                                   	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 LP Category                                   	 polytool-2.0                  	2008
 LP Category                                   	 pTNT-1.0.4                    	2010
 LP CUT                                        	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 LP PROLOG                                     	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 Runtime Complexity, Full Rewriting           	 CaT-2011                      	2011
 Runtime Complexity, Full Rewriting           	 TCT2-1.8.03                   	2011
 Runtime Complexity, Innermost Rewriting      	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 Runtime Complexity, Innermost Rewriting      	 CaT-2010                      	2010
 Runtime Complexity, Innermost Rewriting      	 TCT2-1.8.03                   	2011
 SRS Relative                                  	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 SRS Relative                                  	 Jambox-2009_b                 	2009
 SRS Relative                                  	 matchbox-srs-rel-nocert-0.5.6 	2010
 SRS Relative                                  	 TTT2-2011 fixed               	2011
 SRS Relative Certifying                       	 AProVE-CeTA-2011-0.1          	2011
 SRS Relative Certifying                       	 TTT2Cert-2011                 	2011
 SRS Standard                                  	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 SRS Standard                                  	 cime3finder-13jul201011h44    	2010
 SRS Standard                                  	 Jambox-2009_b                 	2009
 SRS Standard                                  	 matchbox-srs-std-nocert-0.5.2 	2010
 SRS Standard                                  	 matchbox-srs-std-rfc-0.0.1    	2010
 SRS Standard                                  	 muterm-5.07                   	2010
 SRS Standard                                  	 TTT2-2011                     	2011
 SRS Standard Certifying                       	 AProVE-A3PAT-2011-0.1         	2011
 SRS Standard Certifying                       	 AProVE-CeTA-2011-0.1          	2011
 SRS Standard Certifying                       	 cime3beta-13jul201017h40      	2010
 SRS Standard Certifying                       	 cime3finder-13jul201011h44    	2010
 SRS Standard Certifying                       	 TTT2Cert-2011                 	2011
 TRS CONDITIONAL                               	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 TRS CONDITIONAL                               	 VMTL-1.4                      	2009
 TRS Contextsensitive                          	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 TRS Contextsensitive                          	 Jambox-2009_b                 	2009
 TRS Contextsensitive                          	 muterm-5.07                   	2010
 TRS Contextsensitive                          	 VMTL-1.4                      	2009
 TRS Equational                                	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 TRS Equational                                	 muterm-5.08                   	2011
 TRS Innermost                                 	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 TRS Innermost                                 	 muterm-5.07                   	2010
 TRS Outermost                                 	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 TRS Relative                                  	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 TRS Relative                                  	 Jambox-2009_b                 	2009
 TRS Relative                                  	 TTT2-2011 fixed               	2011
 TRS Relative Certifying                       	 AProVE-CeTA-2011-0.1          	2011
 TRS Relative Certifying                       	 TTT2Cert-2011                 	2011
 TRS Standard                                  	 AProVE-2011-0.1               	2011
 TRS Standard                                  	 cime3finder-13jul201011h44    	2010
 TRS Standard                                  	 Jambox-2009_b                 	2009
 TRS Standard                                  	 muterm-5.07                   	2010
 TRS Standard                                  	 TTT2-2011                     	2011
 TRS Standard                                  	 VMTL-1.4                      	2009
 TRS Standard Certifying                       	 AProVE-A3PAT-2011-0.2         	2011
 TRS Standard Certifying                       	 AProVE-CeTA-2011-0.1          	2011
 TRS Standard Certifying                       	 cime3beta-13jul201017h40      	2010
 TRS Standard Certifying                       	 cime3finder-13jul201011h44    	2010
 TRS Standard Certifying                       	 TTT2Cert-2011                 	2011

The only question that remain to us, is where really both cime3beta and cime3finder want
to participate, and the same question for matchbox-srs-std-nocert and matchbox-srs-std-rfc.

If our query did integrate some wrong tool or did forget some, please let us know.

Simon and René

Am 29.11.2011 um 11:39 schrieb Johannes Waldmann:

>> For the tools, I would favor the fixed versions
>> of last years competition 
> I suggest: for each category and each tool,
> use the most recent tool version that took part in a competition.
> E.g., in 2011 I did enter matchbox only for complexity,
> but for this re-run, the 2010 version for SRS standard
> should also be used.
> Rene - could you please compute and publish a list
> of what tool (version) would be used for what category
> (if following the above suggestion)
> Best regards, Johannes.
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