[Termtools] Deadline and Submission of new examples

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at imn.htwk-leipzig.de
Thu Oct 30 13:22:03 CET 2008

Peter Schneider-Kamp wrote:

> I would propose 10 examples per team per "programming language".

this introduces another concept ("programming language"),
while we already have "category".

Simon indicates that it's not too much work
to include new problems, and there probably won't be that many.

To cut this discussion short, I hereby rule
that each team may submit up to 10 new termination
problems per category that it is registered for
(where "X-certified" and "X" count as one category)

Deadline for these submissions is Friday October 31, 10 a.m. CET
(= tomorrow morning)

Send submissions to Simon (as described, .zip or .tgz preferred)

Submissions are public. (This seems to save some work,
and there was not enough demand for "secret")

Best regards, Johannes.

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