[Liste-proml] 3-year PHD funding at Orsay (near Paris, France)

Brigitte Grau bg at limsi.fr
Mer 17 Sep 19:05:17 CEST 2014

IRT SystemX and LIMSI offer 3-year PHD funding at Orsay (near Paris, France)

Subject :
Today the number of documents increases rapidly, and moreover they are 
produced by multiple sources that can be classified by type (texts, 
speech…), by style (blog, forum, tweet, broadcast news, broadcast 
conversations, community tv…) and by language (English, French, 
Chinese...). Reliability of the information contained in these documents 
depends on each kind of source. Thus, selecting relevant and reliable 
information from such documents and summarizing it is problematic.

The goal of the project is to build knowledge bases about persons, 
products... (i.e. Named Entities). Knowledge will be extracted from 
multiple documents and will have to be combined by aggregation and data 
fusion. Thus the information will result from multi-source, multilingual 
and multimedia document extraction:

- Multi-source: various types of documents (spontaneous, prepared...) 
and providers of documents (institution, individual, community...);
- Multimedia: texts, speech, scanned documents;
- Multilingual: different languages.

The work will focus on information identification, extraction and 
structuring. Studied issues will be:

- assessment of information reliability;
- assessment of information relevance (degree of novelty, scarcity of 
- detection and classification of contradictions.

The PHD student will handle participation in international evaluation 

The main location of the PHD student will be IRT, and s/he will be 
supervised by LIMSI senior researchers.


Brigitte Grau, Professor at ENSIIE, LIMSI-CNRS

Sophie Rosset, Director of Research, LIMSI-CNRS

- Master in Computer Science, specialized in Machine learning and 
Natural Language Processing will be appreciated
- Solid programming skills
- A good command of French is a plus

Salary: 2300 euros per month
Benefits: IRT offers a generous benefit package including health 
insurance and about 44 days vacation pa.
Duration: 3 years
Start date: as soon as possible
Location: Orsay, greater Paris area, France, is located in a green area 
about 30 minutes south of Paris.

Please send:
* a cover letter
* a curriculum vitae, including the academic results
* the names and contact information of at least one referee
to both:
     Brigitte Grau <bg at limsi.fr> <mailto:grouin at limsi.fr>
Sophie Rosset <rosset at limsi.fr> <mailto:rosset at limsi.fr>

LIMSI is a laboratory of the French National Center for Research (CNRS),
a leading research institution in Europe.
LIMSI is a multi-disciplinary research unit that covers a number of
fields from thermodynamics to cognition, encompassing fluid mechanics,
energetics, acoustic and voice synthesis, spoken language and text
processing, vision, visualisation and perception, virtual and augmented
LIMSI hosts about 200 researchers, professors, research support staff
and graduate students.



An Institute for Technological Research (IRT) is an interdisciplinary 
thematic institute that develops economic sectors related to its field 
through a balanced strategic public-private partnership. For this, it 
manages research programs coupled with technology platforms, conducts 
research and development projects at the international level, 
contributes to the engineering of initial and continuous trainings 
(qualifying professional training and/or degree delivering); and ensures 
the exploitation of the obtained results.

Bât. 508, rue John von Neumann 91405 ORSAY Cedex
tel. 01 69 85 80 03, fax 01 69 85 80 88


Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise
1 square de la résistance, 91025 EVRY Cedex
tel. 01 69 36 73 44, fax 01 69 36 73 09

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