[Liste-proml] Funded PhD Scolarship on UAV-UGV and Humans interactions

Abdel-Illah Mouaddib abdel-illah.mouaddib at unicaen.fr
Dim 7 Sep 18:15:26 CEST 2014

Dear all, 

We have a fully funded PhD Studentships at Caen Basse-Normandy University in France, at the GREYC Lab (Computer science, image processing automatic and electronics lab). The expected starting date is October 2014. Applications should be sent to abdel-illah.mouaddib at unicaen.fr . 

Description of the Phd program : 

Title : 

Interaction and decision models for coordination between UAV, UGV and Humans 

Context : 

The research, we are developing in many projects, addresses fundamental issues related to the design of a robust system of 
UAV and UGV evolving in formation in an unknown and hostile environments to support a 
group of persons to move from one location to another. This problem requires: (1) a strong 
model of interaction between UAV (with global view) and UGV (with local view) allowing 
UAV to communicate global information to UGV to better navigate in a safe channel, and (2) 
interaction between UGV and the group of persons allowing UGV to better guide persons to 
move safely and to assist them when needed. 


The program aims at developing interaction and decision models which allow UAV and 
UGV to compute policies of navigation and assistance of a group of persons. The work aims 
at developing techniques for behavior recognition, factored decision models for UAV and UGV and robustness to communications, Efficient algorithms and implementation on real UAV and UGV 

Required skills : 
AI Planning under uncertainty, multi-agent systems, Markov and decision-making models, stochastic 
games, strong skills on programming (C/C++ and Java) 

Contact : 

Abdel-Illah mouaddib 

GREYC - CNRS UMR 6072 - Universite de Caen 
Departement informatique, Campus Cote de Nacre, Bld Marechal Juin 
CS 14032 F-14032 Caen cedex 5 
Tel: +33 (0)2 31 56 74 32 - Fax: +33 (0)2 31 56 73 30 
e.mail: abdel-illah.mouaddib at unicaen.fr 
www: http://mouaddib.users.greyc.fr/ 

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