[Bbob-discuss] Request for BBOB algorithms.

Olivier Teytaud olivier.teytaud at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 00:21:30 CET 2012

Hi Daniel + thanks for this interesting link.

In particular I see that this site includes higher dimensions than BBOB
(without downloading, changing parameters and rerunning :-) ). For a
starting project (using optimization, but not focusing on it) I must choose
which algorithms downloading/implementing/testing, and this test bed might
be the best approximation for my needs (I do not consider 40-D as a good
approximation of 40000D).

Another (related) remark on BBOB is that computational costs are usually
given in terms of number of iterations; computation times are not given in
the usual graphs; whereas it is an important issue; if you run 40-D only
and don't show the evolution of the running time, you might not see that
some algorithms can run in dimension 10 000 and some others can not. This
is certainly not a negligible issue.

Best regards,

> The source code of my proposal in previous BBOB, MA-CMA-LS Chains, is
> available in
> http://sci2s.ugr.es/EAMHCO/#**Software<http://sci2s.ugr.es/EAMHCO/#Software>
> Also, the source code of several other algorithms (with its reference, of
> course), like MOS, is also
> available in the same website.
> There is also a section on the website in
> http://sci2s.ugr.es/EAMHCO/#SS
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