[Bbob-discuss] Request for BBOB algorithms.

Daniel Molina daniel.molina at uca.es
Mon Feb 27 19:42:39 CET 2012

Hi, Olivier,

I completely agree with you, it's important to have available the source code of the
proposals. In a Special Issue in which I was working we asked the source code, and
I think the tendency will continue (in a special session is not very unusual to ask the source
code of the best ones).

The source code of my proposal in previous BBOB, MA-CMA-LS Chains, is available in

Also, the source code of several other algorithms (with its reference, of course), like MOS, is also
available in the same website.

There is also a section on the website in


with the results in BBOB'2009 special session (and for other competitions and test suites),
because although is nice to have the source code, it's interesting also to be able to compare directly the
results :-).

Because is a website oriented to continuous optimisation, I could put also the source code of the
people that agree with that.

Best regards,
             Daniel Molina

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