[Bbob-discuss] Request for BBOB algorithms.

Olivier Teytaud olivier.teytaud at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 09:23:22 CET 2012

Hi all;
incidentally, maybe it would be good that all implementations were
made freely available,
including the interfacing with BBOB ?
(I know this is not what you ask for, Kevin; I just take this
opportunity for discussing this)

Implementations sometimes differ from published algorithms due to many
small tricks;
results would be by far easier to reproduce if it was a constraint of
BBOB that a submitted entry was accompanied by a .tar.gz so that
anyone can re-run the experiments.

It would also be helpful for reproducing the tests in frameworks which
are not part
of BBOB, like
- high-dimension (10 000, 100 000...)
- noisy optimization (without variance decreasing to zero)
- other criteria (e.g. expected fitness rather than expected
log-fitness; this makes quite a
     big difference)
- number of iterations reduced, for removing the problem of 32bits vs
64bits libraries

I know it's too late for BBOB 2012, but I guess it would increase by
far the diffusion of BBOB if something like that was done.

Best regards,

2012/2/24, Kevin Tierney <kevt at itu.dk>:
> Dear all,
> I am doing research into algorithm portfolios on continuous problems,
> and am trying to assemble a portfolio of high-quality algorithms,
> particularly evolutionary methods to compliment algorithms such as those
> in the NLopt library.
> If anyone is willing to send me source code that they have used for past
> competitions, I would be extremely grateful.
> I will, of course, keep your source code confidential, and I also want
> to make clear that I will not be entering the 2012 BBOB competition.
> Thank you for your assistance,
> Kevin Tierney
> PhD Student
> IT University of Copenhagen
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